Serve Your Country.

Prevent despair from taking more lives!

Save Lives Anonymously

Lifeline's Listeners provide emotional support to those who are experiencing their darkest moments. We will help save a soul, but we will not tell a soul!

Help Reduce the Burden of Suicide

Acts of suicide are taboo. Families of victims experience trauma when their loved ones lose their battles.

Demonstrate Your Creativity

You have the freedom to advocate and create new services/ products as long as you do not break Lifeline's Principles and Practices!

Change Your Perspective

Join a community of mental health advocates!

Develop Listening Skills

Lifeline's Listeners are trained to listen through the Listeners Programme.

Connect with the Community

Through Lifeline you can connect with other NGOs working the mental health space and more!

Build Your Volunteering Experience

Connect with other volunteers and learn from their experiences!

Interested in becoming a Volunteer?

Who are the Listeners?

Listeners are there to listen and befriend the despairing by volunteering an average of 4-6 hours per week, with one overnight per month. They remain anonymous, but can also take action to save a life with the permission of the despairing.

Listeners must engage in the Listener Preparation Programme. It is an activity that takes about 3-months to complete and has two stages. The initial period is done on weekends – Friday Evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays full day sessions. Following the completion of the initial preparation, volunteers can become Helpers who support the Listeners by volunteering 4-6 hours per week with one overnight per month.

Listeners volunteer 4-6 hours per week

Participate in the Listener Preparation Programme

About Us

Lifeline was registered as a non-profit operating in Trinidad and Tobago in June 1980.

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