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Lifeline’s Exemplars is a free mental health game designed to educate you about Lifeline, mental health and help you find your volunteering persona!

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If you enjoyed our game, please feel free to provide Feedback in a short online questionnaire. Your feedback is important for us to continue to develop this type of content and enables us to determine your interest. You can access other opportunities in the links below. Lifeline Examplars does not collect your personal information nor share your personal information.

Who Are You?

There are 8 available personas! Can you get them all?

On a Pathway to Digitisation

Lifeline Exemplars is a product of Lifeline’s Media Committee. Developed by Ryan Seemungal as an in-kind contribution towards mental health education and outreach, he hopes to inspire you to be creative and explore what you can achieve as a volunteer.

For more information, feel free to download the information guide below.

"We must work to create the environment we want to be a part of. This game represents one method of doing outreach in a new and engaging way. I appreciate all your feedback as Lifeline tries something new."
Ryan Seemungal
Media Committee Lead

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Lifeline is a registered non-profit operating in Trinidad and Tobago

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Developed by the Lifeline Media Committee. Copyright © 2022. Created through the in-kind contributions of Ryan Seemungal, Christopher Andrews and Zoe Knaggs.